Air Conditioning.

Air Conditioning.

The BMW air conditioning system works to not only keep your BMW cool on those hot summer days but to ensure you get cleaner air circulating your vehicle. Through the use of the micro-filter 80% of particles and deposits from traffic fumes are removed before they enter your BMW.

Without use of the air conditioning system, mould and microbes are likely to build up in the micro-filter. It is important to use the system regularly to avoid unwanted damage however, to maintain optimum efficiency and operation the micro-filters should be maintained at regular intervals along with there frigerant gas.

To ensure your air conditioning system is operating at peak efficiency we offer two levels of maintenance.

Until 30.06.17 we're offering the following discounted prices:

BMW Air Conditioning Refresh - £29.99

- Clean and disinfect the evaporator

- Clean and disinfect entire air duct system

- Treat air vents and BMW interior

BMW Air Conditioning Recharge - £79.00*

- Drain all refrigerant

- Check system for leaks

- Recharge refrigerant and lubricant

- Check system operating pressures

BMW Air Conditioning Refreshand Recharge Combo - £99.00*

Price inclusive of VAT. *Excludes vehicles using R1234YF air conditioning gas.

For more information or to make a booking, call our Cotswold Group Aftersales Call Centre on 01242 587032.